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This website does not promote nor encourage any form of vandalism. It was created to be a witness of an artistic culture growing up in Belgium. Its authors are absolutely not responsible for the damages caused by the represented acts. Pictures are sent anonymously, or taken legally by the team members.
We recall that defacing private or public property is severely punished by the belgian law, and can lead authors of such degradations to huge fines or even jail sentences...


This website was implemented by k1000 during February 2005, but the team is composed of a few graffiti-addicts. It was built with php & mysql and is fully XHTML1.0 STRICT and CSS compliant.

How to contribute ?

You can send your pictures to pics [AT] belgiangraffiti [DOT] org.
We sort the pictures before updating the site. As our webspace and bandwidth are limited and cost money, we try to preserve a certain level of quality, in what concerns the pictures and the pieces on it, so please don't be angry if your pictures aren't publish on the website...

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